My Favorite Game Room Items

We’re fortunate enough to have our own Game Room and we LOVE it! I love looking out for new and cool things to add or try and see what our family will like or enjoy the most. There have been a few things that have really stood out either because they’re super useful or they’re something we just keep using over and over again. Cooling Stand and Dual Charging Station

Now one of the most used items in our Game Room is the PlayStation 4. And one of the coolest things we’ve stumbled upon for the PlayStation 4 that we consider a must have now it this stand for the PS4 that includes a fan for cooling it and it functions as a dual charging station for two controllers.  One thing to keep in mind though is that this will not fit the slim or pro versions, it only works with the standard PS4.

But this is truly one of the best things you can buy for your PS4. I think it’s something everyone should get as it keeps the PS4 from getting as hot and everything is stored conveniently in one place. So whether you have a PS4 already or are looking to get one, this has been our favorite accessory to use for it so far!

STIGA Performance 4-Player Table Tennis Racket Set

STIGA Performance 4-Player Table Tennis Racket SetOne item I don’t think any Game Room is complete without, is a ping pong table. I didn’t really start to play ping pong until I got into college. But then I got hooked! As I got better I started getting nicer and nicer paddles and started noticing the difference in how one paddle gave you better spin and control while other gave you better speed. The better I got, the more it drove me nuts whenever I would go somewhere to play ping pong and all they had were some ultra cheap paddles! It totally ruined the experience for me at that point.

However, I realize most people play ping point more casually than I do, so when I set out to find some paddles for our family to use, I tried to find that good middle ground. I wanted something that was good enough for me to use that I would still enjoy playing, but I didn’t want to spend a bunch of money on paddles that might get used and abused a bit by our kids and their friends.

After trying several different brands, I’ve found that STIGA has the best 4-player pack of paddles. They’re good enough for me to use that I don’t get frustrated using them, yet they’re affordable so I don’t feel like I’m spending as much on paddles as I did on our ping pong table (which is easy to do, lol). This set also includes some good ping pong balls as well, so whether you’re replacing some older paddles or looking for something to get for your new ping pong table, this is truly the best set to get.

7’6″ Light Stand Kit – HTC Vive Edition

Light Stand Kit - HTC Vive EditionAnother fun thing we have to play with in our Game Room is the HTC Vive Virtual Reality System. The key to having a great experience with this is having the room to move around without worrying about knocking something over or bumping into something.

The other thing we got that made a huge difference in getting some light stands that we can set the base stations on. These particular stands are the perfect height for use with the HTC Vive and work perfectly. There’s no wobble and they really don’t take up much room as the stands have a pretty slim profile to them.

These particular stands even come with a travel bag or carrying case. It’s not something we’ve used but if you plan on taking your HTC Vive on the go, then that could be a really helpful thing to have.

Overall, we’ve been really happy with these stands though. We’ve had others in the past that were either difficult to set up or they seemed to easy to tip over. But again, these have worked perfectly for use with the Vive.

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