My Families Essential Bike Accessories

My family loves to go biking. No one does any extreme biking, but it’s something we all really enjoy. Here in Bend, it’s an especially great city for bikers because there are so many trails and overall, it’s a pretty bike friendly city. So between all the different bikes in our family, I’ve developed a list of some of my favorite things I like to use for our bikes.

Cycle Torch Night Owl USB Rechargeable Bike Light Set

Cycle Torch Night Owl USB Rechargeable Bike Light SetWhen my daughter started attending High School. She wanted to ride her bike rather than wait for the bus every morning. The problem is that during the winter, it can be pretty dark out in the morning. So we needed to find something that she could use that would be safe, be bright enough and also withstand the elements.

This was a much harder process than I thought it would be. It became such a challenge trying to figure out how bright the light would actually be. Sometimes a product description would make one light sound brighter than the other but then when you try them out, the reality could be the opposite.

Eventually I found one that I really liked. It’s a rechargeable bike light set from Cycle Torch and I was so impressed with how well it worked for my daughter that I got one for myself as well.

I use an X-Treme Scooter, which is a lithium electric powered mountain bike and this light set works perfectly on it as well. So far both light sets have held up so I’ve been impressed with their durability. We can definitely see the road at night and the recharge-ability feature is super helpful as well.  So overall, in the sea of choices for bike lights, this is definitely one I’d happily recommend!

Avenir Ultralight Pedals with Toe Clips and Straps

Avenir Ultralight Pedals with Toe Clips and StrapsAfter trying several different pairs, he settled on the ultralight pedals by Avenir.  One of the things he really likes about these is that they have more aggressive teeth. This could be a bad thing for some though, if you primarily like to ride with running shoes or something with a soft sole.

The other really cool thing about these is that he noticed he was able to start riding faster. If you haven’t used something like this before it is a bit of a different pedaling style but my son raved about how much better he could ride with these.

I think like bike seats, bike pedals can definitely be a subjective experience. So while we have been really happy with how these pedals worked out for my son, I can tell that depending on how you ride, these may not be the ideal choice for everyone.

Lance Gross

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