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Having a dog can be like having another child. Growing up we had 2 dogs, several cats, a few birds and a hamster. But the family dogs are the ones that stayed with us the longest.  So when you have a family dog, who’s like another family member, I find myself shopping the way I would for one of my kids. I’m thinking, how will he like this? Will this be comfortable enough? And so on… So the products I have below, represent those that make both man and man’s best friend happy.

Dog Kennel Shade Wind Screen

Dog Kennel Shade Wind ScreenWe started using a dog kennel which is a great thing to have. But sometimes the wind really starts to pick up, or the sun will be heating up the kennel, so I wanted to find something we could use to help act as a screen.  I had a tarp in the garage that we use for camping but I didn’t like how that worked. To begin with, it looked really ugly and it also restricted the air flow too much. It was like it was making something things better but then making other things worse.

So after some trial and error with other products, I ended up getting a wind screen made by Lucky Dog and it’s been what I was looking for. It’s made of a mesh material so even though it cuts the wind and helps block the sun, it doesn’t totally take away air flow.  It did cost more than our camping tarp, but was well worth it considering it did the job I wanted it to do.

Now as much as I’ve liked using this, I don’t think this will be right for everyone though because it only covers the sides of the kennel. For us that works great, but if you need something to cover all sides or if you want the top covered then you’ll probably want to consider other options.

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