ClickMinded SEO Course Review

While this course wasn’t for me, I could see it being great for others.

Let me start out with what was great about this course.

First, Tommy is one of the best people I’ve listened to as far as courses go. He has great pacing, so things keep moving along, his tone is engaging and he does a good job of mixing in real life examples, stories, etc. to illustrate various points along the way.

Next, although another person commented on how he didn’t like the editing, this was actually a strong point. The other person was unhappy that Tommy would break up a video topic into the introduction (which might be 45 seconds or a minute or so) and then the content would be in the next video (as opposed to just keeping both elements together). Now these transitions weren’t perfectly fluid as the introduction wasn’t a formal introduction, it was just the beginning sentences to a longer several minute presentation. So at times, it did feel like the intro was being cut-off a bit abruptly… BUT, the next video starts right up and continues along where the intro left out so it really wasn’t a big deal.

Believe me, it’s MUCH better having videos that are under 15 minutes per topic as it can be a real pain trying to scroll through 2 hour long video presentations trying to find a specific topic. These videos are relative short and to the point so it’s easy to come back to a specific topic whenever needed.

Also, this course is very easy to understand. SEO can be a complicated subject, so if SEO is something you’d don’t yet understand or are intimidated by, then you’ll appreciate what a great job Tommy does of making this easy to understand.

Finally, the bonus material about Google Dashboards was good stuff. The downside is the french guy isn’t nearly as engaging as Tommy to follow along with. So this section seems to be a departure from the standard of excellent Tommy set with his material. Personally, I think this section could be improved upon to make it more engaging by either having Tommy deliver the material or coaching the french guy a bit on his delivery of the material.

But although there’s a lot to like about this course, it was unfortunately still a let down for me.

clickminded reviewThe issue for me was the content was more way more basic than I was expecting. Hearing that Tommy was the SEO guy for PayPal and AirBnB, I was thinking we were going to get an over the shoulder look at exactly how he approaches SEO for companies like these. And while we got a good education on the fundamentals (which is what he uses), Tommy doesn’t get into anything beyond that. So while the course was thorough in it’s coverage of the fundamentals and enjoyable to watch, it was still just a very basic introduction to all the fundamentals of SEO.

I was disappointed b/c I had much higher expectations, but also b/c I felt the price was very high for this level of content.

Now for some, this could still be a good value. If you’re brand new to SEO, and you want a straightforward presentation and you want to be able to ask questions and get solid answers then this could be worth it.

But if you’ve already had at least a basic SEO education then you’ll probably find you’re already familiar with most of this. While you may learn a few things that you weren’t aware of, it depends on how much of a premium you put on that, whether this course would be worth the investment or not.

In order for me to see $1,000 of value from this course, these are some suggestions I have to help get it there:

1. In one of the videos, Tommy references a BUNCH of tools he uses or recommends for SEO. I would have liked to have seen a whole section devoted to these tools and videos demonstrating how he uses these tools for SEO. Taking this a step further would be having case studies showing the benefits of using these tools were appropriate.

2. I would have loved a section on any paid SEO services Tommy recommends, or an explanation why he manually does all the work of linkbuilding without outsourcing any of it. If there are services he tried and they didn’t work well, I think that would be very insightful to hear about.

3. I would love to see case studies for ranking an easy, medium and difficult level keyword. So being able to watch over the shoulder as Tommy walks us through the exact process he goes through to rank each type of keyword and then we could also see how long it took for each one. Of course, we could also see any other keywords that these sites started ranking for, etc.

4. I think it would be great if there would be more SEO audits. While I loved that he provided one for us, I would like to see something that’s not an ecommerce site as it seemed alot of the comments were related to that.

5. An in-depth section on local seo. So taking a brand new site for a business and again, watching over his shoulder as Tommy walks us through everything he would do/does to get that site ranking for their businesses primary keyword.

6. Show us more examples of things you talk about. For example, Tommy talks about how you can check the backlinks of your competition to see what backlinks you might be able to get for your site. I would have benefited from seeing Tommy show us some examples of doing this.

I get that for some, your time going through a course and being disappointed can be more costly than the cost of the course, so hopefully this review will help anyone who might be in that situation 😀

Lance Gross

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