Top 5 Favorite Headphones Under $200

Here’s My Top 5 Favorite Headphones Under $200


I’ve been really into a few pairs of headphones recently. I’m getting more into the audio game and also by getting into this audio stuff, I’ve found that a lot of people never really get to listen to their music on anything other than the earbuds that come with their phone, like maybe the class of earbuds that come with the iPhone.

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That’s fine for a lot of people but once you’ve first listened to an actual decent pair of good headphones, you’ll never want to go back to those old iPhone earbuds probably ever again. Everyone’s got a budget. Maybe you wanna get a new sweet pair of headphones to go with your new laptop. This is why I’m writing this review. This is without any further ado, the top 5 headphones on my list for under 200 bucks.

Number 5 – Beyerdynamic Custom One Pros

Now these are really likable headphones and they’re actually a great introductory set of headphones to anyone who’s getting his first nice pair. I would say that pretty much everything about these is good and they’re very comfortable.

They actually sound pretty good and actually really good looking headphones for one. A lot of these headphones aren’t the best looking. However, you can customize the actual side plates to get a different sort of pattern or color or look.

The one real custom feature that sticks out about the Custom One Pros is the tunable bass port. So if you’re used to a more bass-heavy booming sound, you can open up the bass port on the bottom of the headphones and get that kind of sound. If you don’t like all that bass and you want a more high and mid-friendly sound, you can close up the bass port and get that sound too. So that’s pretty much the only pair of headphones that I recommend that actually has this feature and it’s definitely under 200 bucks which is really nice.

Number 4 – Grado SR80i’s

Now one could argue that the Grado SR80225i’s would probably be better because they’re exactly 200 dollars right now. However the SR80i’s, I would say are a steal for the price you can get them at. They’re often a hundred dollars right now. The reason these are so good is that these are the perfect introductory pair of headphones for open-back design.

A lot of the headphones you see out there, most of them, probably 90%, are closed-back headphones and that’s by design. A lot of them are like that but these open-back headphones are designed more for studio use. They leak a lot more obviously but they give you that in-room sound.

It’s very cool the way you get to hear the instruments as if they’re literally positioned around the room with you. It’s almost like you’re sitting next to the artist that’s singing. It’s really cool and you can just snap along to the beat and you hear your self-snapping just fine. Something you can’t hear in a noise cancelling or closed-back pair of headphones so the SR80i’s are a great introductory pair of headphones for the open-back design and I recommend them at their price. They’re really good.

Number 3 – V-MODA Crossfade LP

Now these are already a very popular pair of headphones. A lot of people already love them. If you check out the reviews you’ll see they’re pretty much all glowingly positive. What’s nice about these is first of all they come in a bunch of different colors. There’s a black, there’s a silver, there’s a white, and I think a purple version as well. There’s a bunch of different ways you can get this done. What’s also nice is these are a very comfortable pair of headphones.

So you see again with all the popular reviews, these are really comfortable, easy to get used to, nice to put on, doesn’t weigh too much so it doesn’t clamp your ears down for too long. They’re very nice headphones and they’re very popular. So if you ask anyone who’s used these headphones what they think about them, they will probably recommend them on a heartbeat over anything else they’ve tried.

There’s also now a version 2 of the Crossfade LPS and I haven’t listened to them yet so I can’t really determine if it’s just another version just to make more money for them. However, I do know that the originals are pretty much trustworthy. They sound great. Can’t go wrong with them.

So the number 2 and the number 1 on my list are the only pairs that I use pretty much on a daily basis. They’re also very different types of headphones for very different purposes.

Video Review of my Top 5 Headphones


Number 2 –  Jaybird Bluebuds X

I cannot get enough of these headphones. First of all you can get either a black or a white design so you can get all black. Stealth black looks really cool. Or you can get this design which I ended up going with by myself which is the black-and-white sort of a storm-trooper look. They’re a completely wireless earbuds. You can put them on and basically hook around the back of your neck. Plug them in and you’re good to go. It can connect to your device via bluetooth so your iPod, your MP3 player, your phone, turn on bluetooth, pair it up, and you’re getting high-quality music immediately.

What’s nice about these is they’re wireless so you wouldn’t expect them to last that long on battery and as you can see, you can’t even tell where the battery is. To be honest, the battery is actually in one of the earbuds here but these last 7, 8, 9 hours on a single charge and charged by just opening up the back and plugging it in via usb. They’re really well-built. They last a long time on a charge and they sound phenomenal. They sound incredible. I don’t really ever leave the house without these.

Anytime I’m walking to the train, walking to class, walking back from the train, I always have the Bluebuds X. They’re just that convenient. They’re small, compact, portable. Can’t really ask for much else. They also come with a lot of accessories where you can put them in your ear and they will basically never fall out so you can run around. I can’t really hear myself now because they seal so well but they never fall out of your ear. You can run around with them like I do. You can practice with them on. I love these and I would recommend everyone, at least have some pair of wireless headphones. It’s one of those things where once you get wireless earbuds, you never really wanna go back.

This is such a good experience that I’d recommend these in a heartbeat. Try them at least. They’re incredible. They’re also the only pair of headphones on this list that you can wear with google glass. Though I wouldn’t recommend it because you’ll go out looking a little bit like a cyborg with all this stuff on your head. However, it’s possible and I can’t say that about any other pair of headphones that I’ve recommended but it’s definitely a thing to consider just how portable these guys are.

Number One – Audio-Technica ATH-M50

So this is number one which you probably all predicted by now. It’s the Audio-Technica ATH-M50. These are my go-to headphones for sound quality, period. Now I do have a budget for audio equipment and I could spend for 500 dollars on headphones but there is a point of diminishing returns.

I don’t use an amp with these headphones. I just plug and go and get incredible quality and the M50s are really trustworthy. If I want a flat, accurate sound, if I wanna know what I’m getting when I’m authoring audio from maybe my camera or from a microphone, I go for the M50s by default.

Also, I listen to these a lot on airplanes because even though they’re not exactly noise cancelling, they have a great seal. They tick every single mark where they’re comfortable.

They look good, they sound great, they’re priced well, they’re built well. Everything about them ticks every box and they’re priced like a hundred and ninety bucks or less all the time.

Further Explanation About The Audio-Technica ATH-M50


At the end of the day, this is the number one pair of headphones that I recommend to basically anyone who asks me what kind of headphones they should buy. But again, the rest of the top 5, that doesn’t mean they’re bad. That means they just weren’t quite as incredible as these.

Again the Jaybird Bluebuds X are also amazing. If you’re gonna get earbuds at all, please get those. Just do it, they’re really good. I actually forgot to mention you could fold these up so they tick the portable check mark too. I’m done.

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Also some honorable mentions, the Klipsch S4 series. They’re actually good. They’re good earbuds and they’re really cheap. So if you wanna get a really cheap beginner starting pair of earbuds that are better than the ones that came with your iPod or iPhone, get Klipsch S4i’s.

The Sony XV500, they’re a crowd favorite. People love them because of the way they sound and the comfort. They’re comfortable. I’ve worn them for a little bit. I don’t actually own a pair but I can vouch for the fact that they’re just pillowy soft and really lightweight. The band up top is really light and they’re incredibly just really comfortable. I love wearing them.

Anyway thank you for checking out this review of my top 5 favorite headphones for under 200 bucks… Be sure to leave any comments below. Are there any headphones not on this list that should be?

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