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Beyerdynamic Custom Pro One – The newest favorite pair of headphone under $200

Beyerdynamic Custom Pro One Headphones

Looking for new set of headphones to use? Check out my full review of one of my newest favorite pair of headphone under $200 the Beyerdynamic Custom Pro One. They are my favorites for a lot more than the fact that they have red and black on them. However, I haven’t done headphone reviews for a while so if you want to see more headphone reviews or similar lower budget accessories and things like that,  or a comment if you have more suggestions. So let’s go ahead and dive right into this.

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These are the Beyerdynamic Custom Pro one headphones and they kind of came into my world out of nowhere in the past month and just became my daily driver over-the-ear headphones, which is kind of a big deal for me. For a while I’ve held the ATH-M50 by Audio-Technica as my favorite headphones under $200 by a lot for a long time. I got introduced to this by a friend and I’ve been really surprised in a good way.

Video Review for the Beyerdynamic Custom Pro One Headphones


Headphones are catching up to the M50’s now and this one is from what I’ve seen the leader of the pack. First of all these headphones look good and I don’t say that about a lot of headphones, there are a lot of very ugly headphones out there but these actually look really good, like beats pro good, sexy some might say.

Now I’m not just saying this because they have a little bit of red and black, in fact you can actually customize the plates on these, the entire look to make them look like a totally different set of headphones, hence the name – custom. So you can really do whatever you want with these the velcro on the top is changeable and everything. I chose all black with the red accents but these are also sexy not just for the color but also the materials used and the overall form and function and the feel of the headphones. They honestly stand out to me as one of the best looking ones. Now the second reason to love these over the ATH-M50’s is features. These have 2 very specific features that are better than or at least not included on the ATH-M50’s.

Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro 2What are its features?

First is the removable headphone cable. It comes with a cable that’s about 3 feet long and its very manageable but at the end is the removable headphone jack with a slot the actually plugs into the bottom of the left side of the headphone. So that makes them actually really versatile, if you break the cable, you can replace them with a new one. I have actually seen them with a removable microphone attachment so you can attach an in line microphone and that makes them, you know, gaming headphones, you can use them for skype or phone calls or gaming, whatever else you want to do, which is cool, I wouldn’t use it for that but it’s definitely a value-adding feature.

Then the second awesome feature that separates it from my favorite (the M50’s) is the bass port. Now this is a port at the bottom of each can at the bottom of these headphones, that are a seriously unique feature that almost no other pair has. It’s basically a slider that adjusts how much these headphones respond to bass, or the low frequencies. The more the open the port is, the more bass you have in your sound.

Beyerdynamic Custom One ProNow other people will cry this is BS, that does not work, is this effective? Does this actually make a difference in the sound? Uhh yes! it actually does, and not only can I hear it, boom Watch the video above to see the graph showing the frequency response with the different positions.

As you can see, half-way down open is where I keep it, and that’s approximately the most balanced sound and that’s where it sounds close to the M50’s actually so I got used to the sound pretty quick.

Here is the seriously awesome feature. Let’s say you’re listening to jazz and you just wanna accentuate you know the, vocals and you want to concentrate on the highs and mids of the instrumentals so you switch over to closing all the bass port and you hear all that. Then you switch over to listening to Skrillex on Pandora and you just open the bass port and unleash the full rocking bass that these things are capable of, just with a flick of a switch, I mean that’s some serious versatility right there, that is the killer feature of these headphones.

So yeah, these guys are good looking enough to have some unique features and be really compelling and I have switched over to these as my full time editing and music listening over-ear headphones from the M50’s. I don’t regret it at all. These are comfortable, flexible and pretty soft so will fit in just about any sized head. They don’t fold the same way that the M50’s do and they’re also not as flexible, so I guess they’re really not portable because they don’t come with a come with a can or a way to port them.

Further Explanation About the Beyerdynamic Custom Pro One


The M50’s are ridiculously stretchy, so I wouldn’t expect any other pair to live up to that but I do like the fact that these guys are fairly compact without having to fold them. One thing to note is that these actually have to be burned-in a little bit, they didn’t sound fantastic out of the box but they do sound pretty good now. So if you get the urge to slam these on the table, play some music for a couple hours, maybe over night, maybe for a day or two and you’ll gradually start to hear the sound stage open up, and then they’ll really start to pop.

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Now, I can’t go into the audio file level detail of the sound but I have been listening to these without an amp for a while, so they sound really good without an amp, they’re pretty sensitive, and like I said they sound similar to the M50s when the bass port is half open, so you get very deep rich lows, but they’re still detailed enough for the mids and the highs and the overall very balanced sound works well in a lot of situations. But really being able to play around with your sound and the bass port is something that I’ll start looking forward to in future headphones.

Bottom line, I recommend these, the bass port is a ton fun to play around with, the link below has their price and they’re on the same ball park as the m50’s, so it’s definitely an option, you really can’t go wrong with these or either set for that matter but I guess it’s just a matter of which one you think looks better. So go ahead and pull the trigger and you won’t regret it. These are the beyerdynamic custom one pro headphones.

So that’s it for my review guys. Thank you for checking this out. Feel free to leave any comments or thoughts about Beyerdynamic Custom Pro One.

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