Honest Adonis Golden Ratio Review From An Actual Member

It’s pretty hard to find an honest review of the Adonis Golden Ratio program these days. Frankly, most of the reviews I’ve seen looked like they were written by people who only read the summary on the program’s website. While the information they provide might be factually correct, getting the perspective of someone who has actually used the program is infinitely more useful. So, here’s the deal: no sales pitch. No gimmick. I’m just going to dive into my experience with this program and let you decide the next step. Sound good?

My Story

Being scrawny isn’t fun. It’s especially rough in junior high, something I found out the hard way. Once high school rolled around, I decided it was time for a change. I was done being picked on by the boys and ignored by the girls. From now on, no matter what it took, I was going to have a strong, attractive body that I could feel proud of!

Easier said than done. While I certainly had plenty of energy and motivation, I didn’t really know what I was doing at first. Whenever I asked anyone in the gym what to do, the response was always the same: lift heavier weight.

Honestly, the worst part of that process was the lack of visible results. I tried just about every kind of training program I could get my hands on, but nothing seemed to work for me. I spent most of my afternoons in the gym those four years (with little to show for it).

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College was (thankfully) a much better experience. After years of working myself to the bone, I finally started to notice some solid chest development. Was I excited? You better believe I was. Still, it felt like a hollow victory. My arms, shoulders and legs still had a long way to go before I’d feel proud showing them off.

I couldn’t figure it out. What was I doing wrong? I had tried just about every workout regimen that my stronger friends had recommended. Even with all my hard work and discipline, I was still struggling just to grow a bit every month. Meanwhile, some of my friends could workout once a week and look like fitness models! It was infuriating.

Now, don’t get me wrong: P90X, Insanity, and CrossFit are all great exercise programs if you just need to get in shape. There’s just one problem: they didn’t produce the muscular body type I was looking for (for the record, these programs probably won’t work for you either, but more on that later).

What Makes the Adonis Golden Ratio Program Different?

After almost a decade of trying different exercise programs, it’s no surprise that I had a tough time trusting the Adonis Golden Ratio program when I was introduced to it. At first, I was convinced that it simply wouldn’t work. After all, if it was so good, why wasn’t everyone using it? I figured it was just a cleverly marketed product, designed to separate fools and their money. And yet… the before and after pictures certainly looked convincing. Plus, they had a unique approach to muscle building that I’d never heard about before: building muscle specifically for your height/weight ratio.


adonis body sculpting programI’ll talk about all the specifics of the program later in the review, but for now, I want to talk about what makes this program stand out. Right off the bat, they don’t have a ‘one-size fits all’ approach. From the very beginning, my regimen was built (from the ground up) with my particular body in mind. After getting my height and starting weight (as well as a few other measurements), I was able to follow a system that would lead me to my most attractive ratio.

Oh, and just to clarify, this system isn’t about packing on the most muscle possible. The Adonis Golden Ratio program is about developing muscle in just the right places, helping you look more attractive in the process.

Something else unique about this program? The support the system gives you. First off, the guidance and information the actual program provides is top notch. Still, one of the most challenging parts of keeping up with a regimen is willing yourself to stick to it every day. This is where the Adonis program goes above and beyond. By providing you with a forum of like-minded, goal driven people, you’re able to ask about other people’s personal experiences and grow with the community.

Are you new to the fitness community? No problem. Plenty of people on the forum can relate to the struggles of making positive changes in your life. Are you a seasoned veteran, looking for a new angle? Awesome. There are tons of hard-working health nuts and fitness enthusiasts on the forum. Frankly, if you’re even slightly interested in learning more about the fitness community, the forum is worth your time.

Speaking of resources, I was pretty impressed with the diligence of the Adonis program’s developers. Not only did they give me plenty of useful information right at the very beginning, but they’ve also kept me updated with any new information they found (whether it’s through their own research or through the fitness industry at large). I don’t know about you guys, but most programs I’ve bought don’t keep providing me with value long after I handed over my money.

Behind the Scenes Look

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably interested in getting a look at this program before investing a single cent. Fortunately for you, you’ve got a couple options before getting started. First off, check out their welcome video. Not only do they do an awesome job of taking you through the site, they even show you where to get started. Trust me, you’re going to need a bit of direction at the beginning. Watch the video and thank me later.

Program Selection


At the beginning of the Adonis program, you’re going to need to figure out which program you need. The photo here shows that, based on my weight, height and waist measurements, I should be starting in Category 3. Obviously, in keeping with the concept of tailoring programs to the individual, you could have a different category. In fact, you might even change categories as you progress through the program (I certainly did).

Not only was the calculator useful, it was insanely easy to use. A few pieces of information and…it’s that easy. You’re one step closer to having that Golden Ratio.

Instructional “How To” Videos


Here’s another thing I appreciated about the program: their instructional videos. A thorough, in-depth list of different types of exercises (with a ‘how-to’ video showing you how it’s done).

Can you find an alternative on YouTube? Probably. Still, I’d argue that it’s convenient to have all that information in one place.

Side note: most of the videos provide verbal instruction, but there are a few that (for whatever reason) don’t. Honestly, you probably won’t notice the difference but, if you need some more instruction, go ahead and ask the forum community!

Most people there would be happy to help.


Now we’re talking. Here’s how it’ll happen: you’ll get an email with an invitation to participate (it’s optional, of course). You’ll have to make an account with login details (the Transformation Dashboard), since this is separate from the rest of the site. Once you’ve registered (don’t worry, it’s easy), you can submit your before and after pictures.

I loved these things. For one, you don’t have to look like a fitness model to win (although it certainly helps). Most people that win are just average people that really dedicated to the program. Oh, and they do interviews with some of the past contest winners (which are really interesting to listen to. One guy had to deal with his girlfriend tempting him with cookies). Moral of the story? You don’t need to be perfect to be successful…just work as hard as you can.

Β Behind the Scenes Walkthrough Video



I figured I’d answer some of the more common questions that I get from people interested in the program.

Q: Do you need a gym membership?

A: Nope! There are plenty of guys that go through the program using their own weights at home. Oh, and keep in mind that if you’re not ready to do the same exercise listed on your program, you can substitute it for a different one that works the same muscles.

Q: How long does it take to see results?

A: I wish I had a definite number for you. Obviously, it’s going to depend on a variety of factors (starting point, level of effort, diet). With that in mind, most guys end up hitting their ratio at around the 6 month mark.

Q: Is this program newbie friendly?

A: Yes…if you do it right. The key here is asking plenty of questions in the forums. You’re going to need tons of support and the Adonis Golden Ratio community is your best bet.

Q: Will I need to take any supplements?

A: Need? No. Recommended by the program? Yes, but again, it’s not essential.

Q: How do training days work?

A: It’s all about personal preference here. Some of the workouts are designed to be 4 days per week, but you can fit it into your schedule however you like (2 days on, 3 days off, 2 days on being just one example). The same concept applies if you have a program that demands 5 days per week. There is no right or wrong way to go about your regimen (although most people with that particular routine just workout 5 days in a row).

Q: Do you have to eat perfectly or can you have cheat days?

A: This was actually a question that kept coming up in some of the contest winner interviews. Here’s the bottom line: everyone falls off the bandwagon once or twice. It’s not really about being perfect everyday. The way I look at it, if you keep moving forward, the program works.

Oh, and don’t avoid hanging out with your friends because of your diet. That’s ridiculous. Just plan ahead and learn to build your life around this new commitment you have to making a positive change. Believe it or not, you don’t have to hate the process of eating well.

Q: If I travel a lot for work, will this system be do-able?

A: Oh yeah. There are plenty of guys in the forum that deal with that situation. Again, it’s going to take a bit of planning, but it’s definitely possible to get solid results in spite of your travel. My advice? Reach out to the forum community and figure out what’s going to work best for you.

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Pros and Cons

Obviously, I liked the program quite a bit (which is saying something, considering my skeptic nature). Still, there are a few reasons that this program may not be a good fit for you.



So, let’s recap: this program has been designed to help you build a body that is attractive to women. Videos are included to make performing each exercise easier. A customized nutrition plan is designed around the specific category you’re a part of. You’ve got access to an (extremely) active forum and access to all the science the program gives you.

I was a huge fan of the science that they share with you. Plus, they offer a 60-day full money back guarantee (hassle-free), which definitely reassured me.


So, when you first join, the program might feel a bit too open-ended. Keep in mind that you can ask any questions you have in the forum at any time. Still, if you’re a bit of a newbie, this might be a bit intimidating for you.

If you’re training for a specific sport, this program might not be compatible with your training. The Adonis Golden Ratio program will definitely improve your overall athletic performance, but you need to remember that this program’s priority is developing a muscular build around your ‘golden ratio’. You’re not going to get a big bodybuilder physique with this regimen.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a program you can follow, a program that can give you the tools you need to develop that good-looking physique you’ve been after, this might just be the best program out there.

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But all of that is secondary to my main concern. What I really care about is that my Adonis Golden Ratio review was useful to you; best of luck building that perfect body!

Lance Gross

I'm happy to answer any questions I can for you. Please don't hesitate to leave a comment below and I'll respond as soon as I can :)

Derrik - September 1, 2014

so how does this compare to something like P90X? do you get better results?

    Lance Gross - September 1, 2014

    The Adonis program is much more tailored to giving you a sculpted look where as P90X is more of a one-size fits all approach. If you follow the Adonis program you’ll definitely get better results and a more muscular, sculpted look. But, there is more involved to the program compared to P90X. With P90 you’re just putting in a DVD and following along. The Adonis program does have more of a learning curve at first, but if you just follow what they tell you to do then you’ll notice yourself improving more rapidly and getting more of that “adonis” type look than with P90X.

    Great question and thanks for asking!

Ant - October 31, 2014

I can’t lift weights due to a neck injury. I do DDP Yoga. I noticed in the screen shot you selected of the forum someone is asking about using the Adonis Index in conjunction with DDP yoga so I’m curious what the consensus was… If you can’t lift weights can you do the DDP yoga program in conjunction with the Adonis Index nutrition and see the sculpted results?

    Lance Gross - October 31, 2014

    Great question, you can do the DDP yoga program in conjuction with the Adonis Index nutrition program and work towards the same end results. It’s similar to the guys who travel a lot and therefor don’t have access to all the same workouts. So just like w/ the business travelers, you can adapt DDP yoga to fit the program.

    The nice thing about the forum is it gives you a chance to connect with others who are doing the same thing and see what’s been working best.

    Again, great question and thanks for the comment!

Mrudul - December 28, 2014

Can two person join a single program?? or can any other person use other persons account??

    Lance Gross - December 29, 2014

    Yes, you could have two people sharing the same account. As long as each person knows the login and password.

    Great question and thanks for asking! πŸ™‚

Rouven - January 7, 2015


Does the program also tell you how to figure out how much weight to use and how many reps to do? How long is one training session and what about your days off? And finally : do you pay a monthly amount for the membership?


    Lance Gross - January 9, 2015

    Hey Rouven!

    It sure does. It also offers flexibility and shows you how to work this into your schedule. So for example, if you can’t get to the gym or do the workout on the schedule they recommend then you can adapt it to your particular schedule and situation. Now I will say this, at first it didn’t seem as clear to me what to do and when especially compared to other programs like say P90X, etc. But, the difference is that the Adonis Golden Ratio program has MUCH more information which is what allows you to personalize it. So just keep in mind that depending on your prior experience, if you’re a complete newbie to working out it may seem a bit overwhelming. BUT, all the information is there and there’s lots of guys in the forum happy to help if you’re not clear on anything.

    And that’s something else that’s really cool about this is that as you ask a question in the forum, you’ll often not only get the answer you’re looking for but some extra motivation at the same time. For instance, if you post your measurements with your question someone who started out with similar measurements may answer your question who’s say a month or two or more into the program. And they’ll answer your question but then also let you know what there measurements are like now.

    This is one of my favorite parts about the program is you’ll meet all these guys who started out at basically the same place you did and then you can see what they look like now. Even after doing this for just a month or two the results are VERY, very encouraging. And of course guys who’ve been doing this program for 6 months to a year all seem to look like a version of Brad Pitt from the Movie Troy! lol…

    As far as the cost of the Adonis program, you can just pay a one time fee for everything you need or you can pay a monthly fee to subscribe to their ongoing education (Adonis Immersion) program. The additional training you get with this program is absolutely worth the money, BUT… it’s not necessary.

    Also, if you decide to join and if you sign up through my link then be sure and email a copy of your receipt to the email address above (in the post) so you can get the additional bonuses as well πŸ™‚

    Great questions and thanks for asking!

Danniel - January 24, 2015

I was wondering can I access the whole program by accessing my account? Or I will receive the books (hard copy) and the cds the whole package by mail? I do not live in USA and probably I will have to pay extra for shipment and this can be a concern for me. Thanks for you awesome job!

    Lance Gross - January 24, 2015

    Hey Daniel,

    Great question. I was able to access everything online. Even the books were available as pdf’s I could download and all the audio training was available online as well.

    So that shouldn’t be a problem for you at all. Again, great question and thanks for asking about that πŸ˜€

      Danniel - January 29, 2015

      Thank you very much! I have bought the program!! and I am studying it to get used to it as there are tons of information. Although they need organize better the website because once you are in, there is no direction from where to start and what you need to do after you start.
      Which e-mail should send to you in order to get the additional bonuses?


        Lance Gross - January 29, 2015

        Awesome! Congratulations on becoming a member. Yeah, there is a lot of information and I agree, it would be nice if they modeled the member area in some ways like a lot of courses I’ve taken online, where it’s very obvious what to do first, second, etc.

        The good news is the information is all there and this is the body building system to beat… meaning, everyone seems to be coming to the same conclusion that if you want the best results possible and a path to get there, this is the best program for that πŸ™‚

        Go ahead and forward a copy of your clickbank receipt (or at least the order#) to: adonisbonus (at) gmail.com

        Remember to check your spam folder as it ends up there for some people.

        Otherwise if you don’t see anything within 24 hours, let me know and I’ll get it sorted out πŸ™‚

        Again, congratulation and I wish you much success!

Luka - February 1, 2015

Hey Lance,
I was just wondering, once I have obtained my Adonis golden ration figure, are there any exercises and programs incorporated in the system that guide me through keeping my figure.

    Lance Gross - February 2, 2015

    Yeah, that’s one of the things that’s great about this program. First, it puts you on an efficient track to get your own Adonis Golden Ratio figure, then once you’ve attained that, you can switch gears to maintaining it (which is part of the program as well).

    Excellent question and thanks for the comment! πŸ˜€

Steve - February 9, 2015

it says you only need to pay $47 for this yet when you sign up it has you paying for 3 or 4 different things what all do you need to buy and what is the total price?

    Lance Gross - February 10, 2015

    Hey Steve,

    The total price is $47 (one time). However, there are additional things you can purchase such as the additional educational mentoring which is a monthly fee. It’s like if you go to Chipotle to order a burrito. The burrito is say $6. Then you can add Guacomole for $1.25, or you can add chips and salsa for $1.50 or you can add a drink for $1, or you can add all of them. The burrito is fine and awesome by itself but if you like the other things and you can afford it then it’s well worth it.

    Likewise with this. Membership to the Adonis Golden Ratio program is $47, one-time, that’s it. And you have access to a LOT, really a TON of information, tools, exercises to do, personal ratio calculator, etc. But if you like the other add-ons and can afford it, they’re definitely helpful and well worth the additional cost as well.

    Hope that helps πŸ™‚

yuvraj - February 27, 2015

hey lance once u pay $47…..is it just a membership u get…and u can acess it only online…..what about the books and cd

    Lance Gross - February 27, 2015

    So when you pay the $47, you get the online membership and access to the additional guides, programs, etc. Everything is digital so it’s not like P90X where you get sent some DVD’s and a poster, etc. All the videos are online, the membership is accessible online, and then you can download the guides, programs, etc. and view them on your computer, phone, ipad, etc.

    Hope that helps, great question though and thanks for asking πŸ˜€

Jim - March 2, 2015

Since I wake up like around noon on the weekends so do I just skip breakfast or wake up earlier?

    Lance Gross - March 2, 2015

    Hey Jim,

    You can just skip breakfast. The program has guidelines for eating, but it’s meant to work with your life. So whether you’re hanging out with friends and want to splurge or like in your case, just want to wake up later on the weekends, it’s all do-able. The Adonis program will teach you what’s most important and then show you how to fit “life” in.

    That’s one thing I really like about this is that it’s not soooo strict that one false move will undo everything πŸ™‚

    Great question and thanks for asking!


      Jim - March 2, 2015

      Ok thanks! I actually had another question.
      Is cardio necessary? The program doesn’t really mention it in the 4 days, so…?

        Jim - March 2, 2015

        Also what if I do not have a gym membership? Can all this be done at home?

          Lance Gross - March 3, 2015

          Yeah, definitely. For example. some of the guys doing this are on business trips all the time and don’t have access to a regular gym. Even these guys are able to make the program work. All you need to do is substitute an exercise done at the gym for something that you can do at home. And then if you need help with this you can just post which exercises you need help with in the forum and they’ll be happy to help you out.

          Great question and thanks for asking about that πŸ˜€

        Lance Gross - March 3, 2015

        No, it’s beneficial but not necessary. Following the workout structure and diet guidelines is the main thing to focus on.

          jim - March 4, 2015

          So, since I am in the fat loss category, most of my exercises are like HIIT training. Is it fine if I just do 30 min of fierce cardio on my off days and have 1 rest day.

David PhΖ°α»›c - March 19, 2015

I don’t go to the gym regularly ( just 1-2 times /month ), so can I train my body at home with this ?

    Lance Gross - March 20, 2015

    Hey David,

    You can, but what you’ll need to do is adapt some of the program or exercises to home use. As an example, there are some guys in the forum who go on business trips quite a bit and can’t get the gym as much as they’d like. So they’ll use some different exercises to work the same muscles (that they would normally be working in a gym) but maybe with bodyweight exercises, rubber bands, etc.

    Just realize it will take a little more work for you initially to adapt some of the exercises to working out at home, but plenty of guys have and are doing the same thing. So if you get stuck at any point along the way, you can just post something in the forum, or send in a support ticket and they’ll get you taken care of.

    Everything else about the program works the same. Meaning, you’ll have the fitness calculator to tell you which part of the Adonis program you’ll start on based on your measurements. And then you’ll have a targeted program to follow to put you on a path of starting to build your ideal body proportions, for that perfectly sculpted look.

    Great question and thanks for asking! πŸ˜€

Matthew - March 21, 2015

Hi Lance!
I’m currently in high school right now at 17 years old. Am I old enough to use this program? I’m currently at 178 lbs and 5’5.5″ and quite frankly I want more height and I’m not sure of this program will stunt my growth or if my body is developed enough for the program.

Also, how long does each workout day take? Being a full time student, I was wondering if I had enough time. And what additional costs does te program require? Like how much is extra equipment, how much is the diet and extra supplements, etc.

Last question: do I get a physical copy of all the books in addition to the online ones?

Thanks for all the help Lance! Best review so far on this program.

    Lance Gross - March 22, 2015

    Hey Matthew!

    Great questions. Yeah, you could definitely use this program and what’s cool is that if you start now, you’ll be SO FAR ahead of everyone else who hasn’t discovered this program yet. I’m guesting that based on your height weight measurements that you’d start out in Category #3. But they make it super simple to figure that part out with the special calculator they include with the membership.

    As far as how long the workouts last, I’d plan for 45min to an hour. Here’s an example of what you’d do for Week 1/Day 1 (for Category 3):

    – 2 sets Cable Curls, 13 reps/set, resting for 60 secs
    – 2 sets Standing Dumbbell Curls, 13 reps/set, resting for 60 secs
    – 3 sets Incline Dumbbell Curls, 8 reps/set, resting for 90 secs
    – 2 sets Barbell Curls, 8 reps/set, resting for 90 secs
    – 3 sets Curl & Press, 8 reps/set, resting for 90 secs
    – 5 sets Seated Shoulder Press, 8 reps/set, resting for 90 secs
    – 3 sets Wide Grip Pulldowns, 13 reps/set, resting for 60 secs
    – 2 sets Standing Lateral Raise, 13 reps/set, resting for 60 secs

    You have 4 workouts like this per week, and then two days of cardio. You can decide which days of the week are your workout days based around your schedule.

    So they literally plan out each day for you like this, which is great. And then if you’re not sure what a specific exercise is or need a refresher you can watch the videos inside the members area and they’ll walk you through that. If you have a smartphone it’s really handy as you can just bring that to the gym and then watch how to perform any of the exercises when you’re first starting out.

    As far as additional costs go, there really isn’t anything you have to buy in order to have success with the program. They have supplements they recommend but they also list alternatives. For example, there’s a pre-workout drink they recommend but they also give the option of just having some coffee instead if that works for you. Generally speaking though the supplements they recommend could cost between $30 and $150/month depending on what your budget allows. The one they recommend the most is a really good source of creatine. So if you were to just get one, that would be the one to get. But again, don’t feel like you need to be buying supplements for this to work πŸ™‚

    If you don’t have a gym membership then you may want to invest in some additional equipment at home such as dumbbells, barbells, etc. But if you can get to a gym, then there isn’t any other equipment you need to get.

    You don’t get a physical copy of the book, everything is online which you then download. So you can download pdf copies which you can then read on your phone, tablet, computer, etc.

    They give you a LOT of information! You of course have the program but there’s all this incredibly helpful supplemental stuff they provide about nutrition, muscle physiology, etc. Now, you don’t need to know any of that but if it interests you at all, then you’ll really enjoy that. Personally I find it interesting to learn the science behind why the program is so effective but you can choose whether to dive into all that or not.

    Again, great question and thanks for the great feedback and comment!

      Matthew - March 22, 2015

      Thanks again Lance! Your promptness with responses is superb and like I said, this is the best review on the program that I’ve see. πŸ™‚

Davy - March 25, 2015

Hi Lance!

I am actually obese and not a very sporty/fit type of person (I don’t exercise much). I wanted to be able to change that and consider this program. My question is that will this be program be applicable to me too (for weight loss) and won’t it be difficult for me since I’m not used to doing exercises yet?

Thanks for your help!

    Lance Gross - March 27, 2015

    Hey Davy, great question!

    So there’s a few things that comes to mind as to whether this program might be the right choice for you or not.

    First, to answer you question, it’s certainly would be applicable to you in that weight loss is a strong component of the program. But, working out is definitely a focus of this program as well.

    I think it will really depend on what you’re after at this point. If your primary goal is mostly weight loss, then that can be done through diet and some light exercise like walking. Honestly, it can be done purely through diet but walking 30 minutes a day or every other day does help πŸ™‚

    If you’re not necessarily driven to have that “Men’s Fitness” look and really your motivation is to first lose weight, then this may not be the best choice. Also, for someone who’s not as familiar with working out, this program can seem a bit overwhelming and intimidating at first. This is where it comes back to what your desire is right now. Because if the desire is there, then you’ll have the discipline and motivation to push through the initial learning curve involved with getting used to new exercises in the gym and so forth.

    Otherwise, if you’re not driven to try and do it all at once (ie. lose weight, get a sculpted, muscular figure) and would rather just focus on losing weight first, then there are some other options I’d recommend as well.

    First, to give you something actionable here (so you don’t feel like you need to go spend some money), I have a few recommendations you could try for the next 21 days and see what you notice.

    1. Get rid of all refined or processed sugar from your diet
    2. Remove all processed or refined carbs
    3. Limit the amount of cards you eat per meal to 15 grams (it’s ok to eat several meals a day though)
    4. Focus on more vegetables (raw and cooked) and protein foods (ie. fish, chicken, lamb, meat, etc.)
    5. Good fats are fine and helpful (ie. olive oil, real butter, ghee, coconut oil, etc.)

    Now depending on what your diet is like now, the above recommendations might be too much to handle all at once. So you could focus on making 1 change a week. Find what’s manageable for you and that’s what counts.

    So those are just some tips you could start with.

    But as far as a different program I might, recommend. I’d check out the Fat Loss Factor

    Charles (the guy who developed this program) is one of those guys who’s SUPER passionate about fitness/weight loss, etc. and developed this program as a culmination of all the different things he learned. What’s nice about this program is the focus is really just on weight loss (rather then building muscle and a physique). I know you’d find this program a lot less intimidating and probably more do-able in the sense that you wouldn’t have to worry about being overwhelmed with a lot of fitness advice and protocols that you just might not be ready for yet πŸ™‚

    I hope that helps!

Matthew - March 31, 2015

Hi Lance! This is Matthew from before. At the nutrition calculator, there is no age under 20 and I am 17. What age should I put? Thanks!

    Lance Gross - March 31, 2015

    Hey Matthew!

    Go ahead and put 20, your close enough that it should be just fine.

    Great question though πŸ˜€

Jonah - April 5, 2015

I am 4 10 and I weigh 96 lbs… I’m in pretty good shape and pretty muscular and I’m around 10-11% body fat, and I thought that this program would be good for me because it should get me down to the 7-8% Range. So I bought it and I though it was all good because it all looked fine and looked as if it would work, but when j got to the nutritional calculator I couldn’t put in my actual age which is 13. And I don’t know how I should go about that? Any suggestions?

    Lance Gross - April 5, 2015

    Hey Jonah!

    You could start with the minimum age that’s allowed for now, but I would also recommend submitting a support ticket and then also posting in the forum. There may be some other guys close to your age who already went through the same thing. But either way, that’s what I’d recommend to get the information you need to keep moving forward.

    Great question and thanks for asking!

Jonah - April 5, 2015

Thanks man, that’s what I did!

Joseph - April 22, 2015

Hey there Lance!

I’m looking to lose weight, big time, but I’m also wanting to get my right proportions. I know for a fact that my upper body needs some serious work, as I feel like I have very little in the chest and also need work in the arms. My abs are actually pretty well developed but I’m so out of whack that I have little stamina anymore. My back is another story, as I know I have a pretty muscular back, but I know that this is probably one of the reasons I have the back problems I have in my lower lumbar. As far as my legs go, they’re pretty well developed too, but like with my abs (core) I don’t have a lot of stamina anymore.

I’m 6’2″, and last I weighed myself I was 380 lbs. Now, 11 years ago I was around 330 and was able to lose 90 lbs in 4 months. Since then I’ve struggled with depression, stress, and lack of self discipline. However, after dealing with all that I’ve gone through, and recently losing my job, I feel like I need to put a lot of focus in getting my health in order. Now, I’m sorry for being long winded, but I have two questions:

First of all, how well would this program work for someone like me in the “obese” category? And second, in the forums, is there a way of networking with people and possibly finding a workout buddy? I found that when I lost all that weight years ago, it helped me greatly having a workout buddy.

Anyway, thanks for your review, and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

    Lance Gross - April 23, 2015

    Hey Joseph!

    Thanks for taking the time to share your story and your situation. It’s cool to hear about your interest in putting your health back in order. Desire is the first step towards discipline, which is sounds like you have now πŸ™‚

    To answer your first question, this would program would definitely work but depending on how much experience you have working out in the past (ie. lifting weights) there may be a bit of a learning curve at first. I think what’s so great about this program, is it will not only give you a plan to lose weight, but do so in a way where your also sculpting your body at the same time. And I think this really helps with motivation. I think one of the downfalls of other “lose weight” only type of programs is that you can still wind up with body proportions that are a bit off. And while it may feel good to look down at the scale, looking in the mirror might not feel quite as good.

    So with this program, they do guide you towards not only losing weight, but also getting your body proportions right along the way. It’s also more of a workout program then a cardio program. So if you’re hoping to do lots of cardio then this program may not be for you. But if losing weight and being on a path to looking great is what you’re after, then I think you’ll really enjoy this.

    Also, you just can’t beat the price. Considering the cost of this is probably less then what you’d spend for an hour with a personal trailer! lol… and with this, the membership is for a lifetime, so you’ll get all the tools like the body proportion calculator, exercise videos, forum and so on to use as long as you like.

    I’m glad you asked about the forums because that along can be worth joining. But to be honest, it’s hard to say whether you you could find a workout buddy there or not. It’s VERY possible though and that’s exactly what the forum is for. But I assume the size of city your in now will increase or decrease your chances. Also, if you haven’t tried Craigslist, that can be a good way to find someone. I know I’ve used that in the past with success. If you post in the Adonis forum and don’t find anyone there you could post in Craigslist and say something like “Looking for workout partner for Adonis Golden Ratio workout.” I could see some people being like “cool, I’ve always wanted to try that program myself” or maybe there already a member and just didn’t see your post in the Adonis forum, lol. Bottom line, I think your chances should be good of finding someone.

    But another great thing about the forum is how helpful it is for motivation! I’ve been blown away by seeing all the stories and testimonies of guys transformed by this program. It’s not just a bunch of already fit guys trying to get super fit (sure, those guys are there to), but there’s a ton or regular guys who all started with average, skinny and overweight bodies who 6 months later look incredible. And you’ll see guys at all different stages. So some guys will be posting their 30 day transformation, while other guys are posting their 60 and 90 day transformation photos, and so on. For me, I found this incredibly motivating because I could see everyone’s progress. It builds such faith in this program that it really works! Especially when you see the average skinny or overweight guy getting results, you’re like “ok, if this works for them it will work for me.”

    So ultimately, I think your at a good place where you have the desire to take action (doing something like the Adonis program), and then if you join, I think you’ll find that desire and motivation will only increase as you start to hang out in the forum or read some of the stories of guys who’s bodies have been totally changed by this. To me, that’s what help keeps the motivation going and going strong πŸ™‚

    I think if you decide to join and commit to the program that in 30 days you’ll start feeling like a whole new person and 6 months from now people may not recognize you–

    Again, really great questions and thanks so much for posting!

Fabian - May 24, 2015

Hi Lance,

I saw the welcome video on their site and just have a question. What kind of information is given for the types of food you should eat. Does it give recipes or does if just say eat chicken or beef.

Thanks in advance!

    Lance Gross - May 26, 2015

    Great question. They provide meal plans but not anything special as far as a recipe goes. For example some different meal plans would be:

    Breakfast Meal Portion
    – 12 egg whites
    – 2 cups mushrooms
    – 1.5 cups tomatoes
    – 2 1/3 tsp olive oil or monounsaturated oil
    – 1oz hard cheese, light/low fat
    – 1 slice sourdough bread

    Dinner Meal
    – 7oz beef, lean cuts
    – 2 cups zucchini
    – 2/3 cup rice
    – 30 peanuts

    Snack Meal Portion
    – 21 grams protein powder
    – 1/2 orange
    – 1 cup rasberries
    – 12 peanuts

    The nutrition/meal plans allow you to adjust what you eat, meaning that if you like a certain meal or snack, you can use it instead of another meal or snack as long as they’re the same portion size.

    You can also swap out foods for something different by referring to the substitution guides which are on the final pages of the meal plan manual.

    Another option is combining meals or snacks into a larger meal/snack throughout any given day. The meal plans are laid out with 6 meals per day in the form of ‘larger’ meals and ‘smaller’ snacks. But you could combine these into 3 meals or some happy medium between 6 and 3 meals per day.

    Again, great question and hope that helps! =)

Jason - September 8, 2015

Hi Lance,

Great article, I can relate to this a lot! You’ve helped me make my mind up on joining the program. A few years ago I bought into a scam which sounded legit at the time, I was desperate but regretted it in the long run. This sounds like the real deal and I feel really motivated!

I was wondering, I’m not confident enough to go to the gym and don’t think I will be for a couple of months at least. I literally only have dumbbells. Do the workouts require proper gym equipment? I don’t have much space to buy anything for my room and I saw the workout example you provided had like cable curls etc in it.

Your help would be much appreciated!


    Lance Gross - September 8, 2015

    Thanks Jason and I love hearing about your motivation!

    I totally get not being able or ready to make it to a gym (at least initially). A lot of the workouts are designed around being able to use a gym. BUT, if you are just using dumbbells this can still totally work. For example, whenever they have suggested exercises that use gym equipment, you can just swap that exercise for one that uses dumbbells instead. If you’re not sure which exercises would work best, then you can post your question in the forum or submit a ‘help request’ (or do both!) and you’ll get taken care of.

    There’s guys who travel a lot and love using this program b/c it works so well, but as a result they often don’t have access to a full gym. So they’re in a similar situation in that they’ve just adapted a lot of the exercises so they just use dumbbells. Again, that totally works fine just keep in mind you’ll have a little extra work initially to figure some of those things out.

    This program is definitely the real deal, so if you commit to it I know you’ll be glad you did. Once you join, I encourage you to read as many of the positive stories and examples as you can. It’s so motivating reading about all these “average” guys and seeing they’re before and after photos.

    But great question and thanks for asking!

Rob - November 18, 2015

Hey Lance–
I recently started a workout/diet regimen based on the Body For Life program– 6 sensible meals/day, cardio 3 times a week, weight training 3 times a week, and a free day. I’ve lost 26 pounds so far and will probably finish the program around January. The program has worked for me in the past but I usually get bored with it. I’d like to transition to a new program in late January. My primary goal is weight loss. You think the Adonis program may fit that bill?

    Lance Gross - November 18, 2015

    Hey Rob-

    Congratulations on your success, that’s awesome!! Sounds like you’ve formed some great habits and now it’s just a matter of keeping the momentum going (like you said). The Adonis program would certainly fit the bill for what you’re looking for, BUT realize it’s not just a weight loss program but also a body sculpting program. If building muscle in a perfectly sculpted way isn’t necessary or motivating then you can disregard that part of the program, meaning you don’t need to pay attention to the measurement and ratio part of the program. The program has different components based on someone’s need, and one of them is the fat loss program. So you could start with and stick to that one as long as you like.

    I think the potential downside to a program like this for you is it might seem like overkill for what your goals are currently. Meaning, you’ll have access to all this other information which may not be necessary right now. As long as that doesn’t distract you or overwhelm you then I think it could work just fine. There’s a great community of people with similar goals to be a part of and that’s another value add as well.

    Something else to consider is this program is more focused on a variety of different weight training exercises and not so much on a variety of cardio exercises. It’s not going to be like P90X, etc. where the focus is on a high energy, cardio type workout. You’ll be provided with a structure to know when to do cardio but they leave it up to you to figure out what type of cardio you’d like to do.

    Excellent question though and hopefully this helps to give you a little more perspective as to whether this program would be a good fit for you or not πŸ˜€

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