Google Glass Review – Full Hands on Review of Google Glass

Here is our Google Glass review which includes a live demonstration and people’s reactions to using Google Glass for the first time. Although a newer technology, this is already something that has a lot of appeal. There are several useful features, many of which show a lot of promise already.

What is Google Glass?

Google glass is wearable technology. You can do all sorts of things like take pictures, record videos and it even has voice commands as well as touch commands.  You can even drive with it (or ride a bike) and use it’s navigation map system.

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You can do Google voice searches like “how far away is the Moon?” If your phone is connected you can use Google Glass to call your friends. You can say to Glass “call my mom” and it will call your mom!

What is it like wearing Google Glass?

It’s quite comfortable and you will even forget you’re wearing them (in the sense the weight is that light). There are no lenses but you can have lenses added, like if you wanted to use them as sunglasses.  All you really see is a little bit of the window in the top-right. It doesn’t obstruct your vision, it’s really just off to the side.

Google Glass Hands On Video Review


How do you use Google Glass?

If you want to turn it on you tilt your head up or you can tap the side (then you’ll see it light up).  You start your command with “Ok Glass” then ask it or tell it what you want it to do, like “take a picture” or “record a video.” You can also do some things by swiping your finger left to right on the side. It will pull up things like traffic, calendar notifications, movies playing nearby, etc.

What is battery life like?

Right now it doesn’t have a ton of battery life. The technology isn’t quite available yet to give it more battery life without adding more bulk. Also, with a giant battery it would start to look pretty silly. However, this is something that will probably improve over time.

People’s Reactions After Trying Google Glass For The First Time


Overall impressions after using Google Glass

These are actually really cool to use.  After using them you get a sense of how cool they are even though there are still improvements to be made.  After trying it, you get a sense of how these could be useful day to day. So, these could definitely be something that you’d integrate into your daily lifestyle as opposed to something you’d just use for fun (like 3D glasses).

So of course there is still work to be done but there are already a lot of really cool features. The navigation is one of the more promising features that could make this really valuable to use. Some misconceptions about this are that it will be really distracting having this giant image in front of you but that’s not the case. It’s just a small part of the top-right side and not bad at all.

Bottom line, Google Glass is really cool and as it continues to improve this could easily become a very useful and helpful item for your day to day life.

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