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My Families Essential Bike Accessories

My family loves to go biking. No one does any extreme biking, but it’s something we all really enjoy. Here in Bend, it’s an especially great city for bikers because there are so many trails and overall, it’s a pretty bike friendly city. So between all the different bikes in our family, I’ve developed a […]

My Favorite Sports and Fitness Accessories

Our whole family is pretty active and involved in different fitness activities in one form or another. A few of our favorite sports and activities include: running, tennis, volleyball, gymnastics, baseball, frisbee, ping pong and archery. So we’ve gone through all sorts of products to see what we like and don’t like. Below is a list […]

My Favorite Outdoor Sports Accessories

When I was young, I learned archery from my uncle. We would run around my Grandma’s farm and shoot at trees and squirrels. It was a blast!  So as I’ve gotten older, there are a few products that I still use and love using that I wanted to share with you.  These are some of […]