My Favorite Items for Baby That I Couldn’t Live Without

Although our kids are now past the baby stage, I still wanted to share a few of the products we couldn’t have lived without. These are the ones we are always getting for people when we find out they’re expecting or if we meet someone that has a little one and we’re looking for something nice to get for them.

Clear Waterproof Rain Cover for Pushchair StrollersClear Waterproof Rain Cover for Pushchair Strollers

Talk about a must have! After one day trying to push a baby around in our stroller with the wind and rain going, we new there had to be a better way. And fortunately we found this item pretty quickly and have been fans every since. We used this all the time with our Summer Infant 3Dlite Stroller (amazing stroller by the way). It fits the stroller perfectly and does just what you’d hope it would do… keep the wind and rain out.

It’s not a fancy product by any means, but it’s held up well to weekly and sometimes daily use. And if we end up getting someone the Summer Infant 3Dlite Stroller we always get this to go with it. They’re like the perfect combo.

And considering how cheap this cover is, I think it’s one of those no-brainers that everyone should get.

Heavenly Dreams Stars a Plenty Baby MattressHeavenly Dreams Stars a Plenty Baby Mattress

Finding a good baby mattress is something we spend a good deal of time looking into. We didn’t want to spend a fortune, but we wanted something that would provide good support, be safe and durable. There were a few different ones we tried over the years but the Heavenly Dreams Stars a Plenty Baby Mattress by Safety First became our favorite.

We used this primarily with the Stork Craft 4-in-1 Convertible Crib. After trying a few different cribs this quickly became our favorite. And this baby mattress fits it perfectly.

It’s lightweight, so it’s easy to move around for changing. It’s firm enough that your baby won’t sink into it. The outside cover is vinyl so it’s waterproof.  And it’s BPA and lead free (which sadly not all mattresses are not). Overall, we found it to be a really durable and seemingly comfortable mattress for all our little ones. This is another one we love giving as a gift to people who are expecting because it’s not that expensive either.

BOB Duallie Snack Tray

Another favorite stroller related item of ours has been the BOB Duallie Snack Tray.  If you have the BOB Duallie stroller then this is one of those must haves. Yet again, something that I think would be great to be a standard accessory with the stroller. You get two sippy cup holders and two trays for snacks. It attaches perfectly and it never came loose or got a wobble of any kind.

BOB Duallie Snack TrayIt’s also easy to clean and pretty resistant to scratches or marks. You can easily take it off or put it back on. We used this all the time for trips to the park or zoo or really anytime we were out with the stroller. It just became one of those essential items for this stroller.

And just like the stroller it seems to be built like a tank. The BOB Duallie stroller is I believe one of the best on the market, so having the snack tray just takes this stroller to the next level. Basically, you don’t want to leave home without one of these snack trays!

The one downside though is you do need to take the tray off whenever one of the kids needs to get out of the stroller. It’s not a big deal because again, the tray is so easy to take off and on. But that’s just something to keep in mind if you think that might be an issue.  Also, the height is not adjustable so if you have really young kids, then you might find the tray feels a bit high for them.

But otherwise, we have loved this tray and was well worth the cost to get!

Lance Gross

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